We trade with industrial byproducts worldwide

We seek to find industrial by-products that can be useful for biogas or biodiesel. We believe recycling is an important element in global climate change mitigation, and we strive to secure the by-products to find the best possible use.    

real Circular economy


We specialize in finding by-products from industrial companies, that can find use in green energy production, especially within biogas and biodiesel. 
We make sure by-products are treated as an energy asset, instead of being deposed. We use to say: 
One company’s thrash is another company’s treasure.


Red cert

We have all the necessary certifications to move industrial by-products, residues and waste, both domestically and across borders. 

A company on a mission

Being disruptive

We always aim to find better solutions for the energy production of tomorrow. Being disruptive is all about bringing new ideas to the table and make use of them! We are creative thinkers and we take pride in finding better ways to utilize side streams, by-products and residues.   

Do you have an industrial by-product?

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CEO Nicki Dalgaard