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On this page you can explore how we do business and how we create value for our customers. Hopefully we can find a way to trade with you too. 

We are buyers

We buy industrial waste to recycle

We can pick up your waste and even pay you for it.
We have a buying network within the energy sector, and your waste will be transformed to green energy. 
Do you like the idea of making money and being green at the same time? We do. 

We are sellers

We sell biomaterial in truckloads

Do you need big amounts of biomaterial supply for your production?
Ask us anything, then we find the product in our network and make you an offer.  

1. It starts with a sample

We use our inhouse lab to analyze samples so we know the product attributions in order to find a fair price. 
To make it easy for you, we arrange the pick up and payment for any sample shipment. 

2. We do the deal

Doing good deals is all about making everyone smile in the end.
We believe openness, honesty and transparency are key elements in a good trade. You can expect us to offer a fair price for your product, as your success is our success.

We believe in long-term business relationships and we strive to be the best possible trading partner for you. 

Getting the right price for your waste can make wonders on the bottom line. 

3. We handle logistics

Trading with us includes our logistics service.
We take care of loading and unloading, as well as the transportation issues that may occur. When the product leaves your premises, we are responsible for the rest. 

We mostly transport by truck in Europe. But we are also able to move material by rail or ship. 

Doing the logistics right is a key element in a good trade. 

4. The paperwork

At the end of each deal and each truck we move, we make sure the documentation and invoicing is correct. You can rely on our accounting department to make all the necessary actions to follow the deal to the end. 

Being a bit more speciffic

Product overview

Here follows a list of products we always wish to buy. 
We are ready to buy and move your product too. 

We are here to help

Our team

Reach out to our team and find the right contact here. 
We are always ready to assist with anything you need.
And don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn. 

Meet us all here

Nicki Dalgaard​
CEO and Founder
Thomas Eilskov Jensen​
Chief Operating Officer
Britt Amby​
Technical Director
Michael Christensen​
Head of Logistics
Milisenta Ursu

Area: Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus
Language: English, Russian, Romanian

Szymon Leniec
Country Manager Poland

Area: Poland 
Language: Polish, English

Aleksandrina Mitseva​

Area: Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian, English

Tanja Kristensen
Business Support Manager

Language: English, Danish

Mindy Ha
Intern trader

Area: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese, English, Dutch

Jeppe Skov

Area: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Language: Danish, English

Sune Borg
Intern trader

Area: Denmark
Language: Danish, English

Let's get on the phone together

I am Nicki Dalgaard, the founder and CEO of Disruptive Biotrading. I have run this company from  being myself (and the dog) to a full service trading company with 10 team members. We are progressing because we help our customers make money, and we are ready to help you too.

+45 93 93 36 30
Nicki Dalgaard
Founder and CEO