About us

We are an international trading company

With a solid base in Aarhus Denmark, we trade in industrial by-products, sidestreams, residues and used cooking oil. 


We find better ways to supply generators of green energy

We work hard to make the right by-products available for use in the green energy sector, at the right price. 


A more energy efficient world

We wish to bring circular economy to life with clever and creative sourcing to biogas and biodiesel producers. 

Well connected and on time

We are well connected across many bioindustries and we have a growing global network, which provides us with plenty of opportunities to find the best use for industrial by-products.
We are trusted partners to pick up and deliver by-product on time to customers across the world.

Respectful, open and honest

These are the three pillars in our company, and this is how we like to do our business. We believe in open and positive communication and we enjoy to  share our ideas with business partners. We find value in collaboration and long term relationships. This is our version of a modern trading company and this is what Disruptive Biotrading stands for.

Annual report

New markets require new ideas

Disruptive Biotrading will hand in the first annual report in January 2022. We are looking forward to presenting the results of our hard work for the first 18 months of the company’s existence. The Annual Report will be available from this link when it is launched. 

Do you have any general inquiries about our company?

Call me and I will do my best to help you

+45 93 93 36 30
Nicki Dalgaard
Founder & CEO